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Pre-orders are not accepted on holidays such as the Easter weekend, May Day (30.4-1.5), Midsummer weekend, Christmas weekend (24-26.12) and New Year's Eve (31.12-1.1).
Pre-orders have to be made before 22:00 o'clock for the next day. After 22 or on the same day by phone: 0200 03000.
We are using both time and distance fares simultaneously
Base fee
Weekdays from 6 am to 8 pm4,90€
Saturdays and eves of holidays from 6 am to 4 pm4,90€
Other hours8,90€
Cost per minute €/min
1-8 people0,99€
Cost per kilometre €/km
For purposes of fare class selection, two children under 12 years are counted as one person.
1-4 people1,49€
5-8 people1,89€
Other fees
Ordertype surcharge - Due to an unexpected increase in costs, an order surcharge will be added to all orders placed through the app.2,00€
Assistance fee – if a customer requires assistance and a vehicle equipped for the disabled15,90€
Assistance fee – as above, but assistance in stairs is done manually or with the help of a stair climber29,90€
Fee for stretcher – retrieval and installation before transport of stretchers needed for the transportation of a customer29,90€
Fee for large objects and for the transportation of pets. No fee for a customer's normal baggage or for guide dogs.2,90€
Price calculator
Attention! Two children under the age of 12 counts as one person
Time & Day
Workday = mon-sat       Holiday = sunday, holidays
Base fee:
Pre-order fee:
*The price is indicative.
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